1. The study of metabolism and metabolic networks:
A major research topic in our lab is the study of metabolic networks. To this end we use constraint-based models (CBM) and focus mainly on large scale modeling via a flux balance analysis (FBA) approach. We aim both to develop more accurate CBM models, and to use such models to investigate cellular metabolism; In the past we have studied the relation between gene expression and metabolism, metabolic regulation, robustness of metabolic networks, and network annotation of metabolic genes. Our current research is focused on two main topics:
A. Developing tissue-specific models of human metabolism and using them to study an array of human diseases.
B. Close collaboration with various experimental groups on developing new metabolic models for pathogenic bacteria and for plants.

2. Large-scale computational studies of various basic cellular systems:
This research is conducted in close collaboration with experimental groups, and includes the telomere system and apoptosis, which regulate cellular lifespan and play an important role in ageing and cancer. The research involves developing new algorithms for analyzing phenotypic and expression knockout data in the context of existing large-scale protein and genetic networks. For smaller-scale experimental systems we continue to study and develop the Multi-perturbation Shapley value Analysis (MSA) and the Functional Influence Network methods we have developed previously.

3. Large-scale computational studies of the phenome-genome relation in human diseases:
This is a new topic in our lab, which aims to develop a new, global outlook on human disease, based on the vast and fast accumulating pertaining molecular data.

4. Computational study of Evolutionary Systems:
this theme involves the computational study of evolutionary questions, including the evolution of growth environments, modularity and horizontal gene transfer. We also have a long-standing interest in studying agents' evolution and evolution in a digital world.

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